Clean Transfer Robots

Wafer Aligner

AIGIS2 OFH-4100i2

For 200-300mm wafers

Further evolved aligner with defect detection


  • Detects not only cracks and burrs, but also scratches, flaking, and particles on the edge of wefer

EG-303 series

For 300mm wafers


  • Edge grip type that does not touch the wafer backside
  • Compatible with quartz wafers

ACTRANS OFH-4100 series

For wafers up to 50-300mm


  • World's highest level of alignment speed
  • Compatible with quartz wafers

AIGIS OFH-4100i series

For wafers up to 100-300mm


  • Detect chipping and burrs on the wafer periphery during alignment to prevent accidents due to wafer defects
  • Inspection data can be output to a PC etc. and can be used to investigate the cause of wafer defects

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